About Pk-Circulate

I believe content and information should be consumed as ceremoniously as food. For reals.

It’s content that wants to be chosen and digested intentionally and ceremoniously.

If you vibe, choose it. Consume it sitting under a tree or with your eyes closed. Not while working out, distracted, doing 4 other things.

If you don’t vibe, don’t eat it. Cos I do not wanna to add to your ‘information bloat’.

We have access to whatever information we need, channeled through so many diverse human beings. But we’re overeating it, just like we over-eat food when our nervous systems are wound up. The ‘personal growth’ world bombards you with messages of ‘if you’re not growing, you’re dying’ and so we read read read and shove podcasts in your ears relentlessly. Sometimes, your soul wants a turn. Ya know. If you take the poddy out of your ears you may hear her/him say “Can you stop digesting words of all the #influencers for one minute and listen to ME?”

If you follow me on insta you’ll know that I don’t often share recycled motivational quotes with a one-line caption. I probably use Insta wrong. Long ass caption/poem/rap then find a pic in my camera roll to match. #instanovel

Lately, I’ve been feeling like the stuff that wants to flow through me, doesn’t wanna come out on insta. Cos, information is being consumed without intention, without appreciation, and without real receptivity. Good stuff can’t really land in our cells when we’re full. Full of stuff, full of information. (See this rap I wrote on it on insta).

So, in sitting with it for a while, I decided to create this platform PK circulate. A place where you can ceremoniously and intentionally ingest the information that uses me as a vessel, if you’re called to it. It also allows me to open my tap and let it out knowing that it’s not going to land on a congested instagram feed. You know? I’m gonna have a play with it and create a bunch of different styles for you- audio, words etc and really just experiment with a new way to deliver information to you, in an effective and aligned and fresh AF way for all involved. The bottom line though is, if you vibe with my work, consume it as intentionally as you would a delicious carrot cake. If you don’t, then don’t eat it! Leave space in your cells for the mail God/Source/Mother Earth/your Soul want to tell you.